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Terms and Conditions

Shipping & Returns

esmoko Shipping Policy

1. You must be at least 18 years old to enter the website ( and or to purchase any products sold here

2. esmoko offers by latest, next business day shipping on hardware orders only**, everyday when placed before 12:00 pm.

**Exclusions include e-liquid or drop-shipping / pre-order products

For drop-shipping of e-liquid, please allow up to 2-3 weeks’ time-to-ship as these will be shipped from overseas (directly to customer). For pre-orders, next day shipping will be from the point of final payment.

We make no guarantees and will accept no liability nor honour any claim toward ruminative action resulting from a longer than average time-to-ship. (Time-to-ship refers to the time period between the order placement and the handling of the product over to the carrier for transport.) No refunds or cancellations will be offered until after 2 weeks for hardware and 1 month for drop-shipped liquids, if we cannot provide your products.

3. esmoko will ship to any physical address. esmoko will not ship to P.O. Boxes and will not ship outside of Australia at this time. For New Zealand customers, please get in touch with us to make necessary manual arrangements.

4. If the customer provides us with the wrong address, the customer is liable for all shipping charges or we will refund order less all shipping chargers plus 25 percent restocking charge.

6. All orders will be a flat rate of AU $9.00 for standard shipping and AU $ 12.00 for express shipping, carrier selected at the discretion of esmoko.

7. All billed and ship times are counted in business days only. esmoko honours all holidays acknowledged by shipping carriers (ex: Fastway, Australia Post, etc), and follows a M-F work week.


esmoko Return Policy

Equipment Troubleshooting Checklist

1. Please make sure your atomiser is not shorted out or is not working

2. Check the charge level of your battery

3. Make sure all connections are clean and free of debris

4. Adjust any pins in connection IE is it spring loaded or is it adjustable by using a flat head screwdriver

5. If it is a mechanical mod have you noticed any one part or several parts becoming unusually warm? Is the heat felt at or near your atomiser? ( it might just be heat transferring down from your atomiser) Have you noticed any issues with threading either in the connection or on the device itself?

6. If your mod charges with a charging cable have you tried another cable and wall adapter?

7. Does there appear to be any damage from dropping the device or possible water damage?

8. Is there a burnt smell (such as burnt plastic) emanating from the device?

9. If the item is an external battery is the battery wrap/casing intact and not discoloured? Are there and dings or cuts to the battery itself?

10. If a variable mod with an internal battery did it work initially or was it dead on arrival (DOA)

Information on Returning Items

A return request must be submitted by email for any items to be considered for return. Liquids, coils, drip tips, and external batteries are not eligible for return due to the nature of the products.

The instructions for how to complete a return request and the conditions attached are as follows:

Important Note: All our e-cigarette kits are genuine and come with a serial number from the manufacturer. Please include this information in your email to us at info (at) Next, include description of default as well.

No product is to be sent back prior to authorisation. Any items sent prior to authorisation risk being lost due to storage fees.

Return requests only remain active for 30 days after submission. After the 30-day time period, the return request will be cancelled. The product can then only be returned for half-credit. In the event a return request cannot be submitted, a copy of the invoice must be included in the box. All time-frame policies are still applicable.

Items submitted after the 6-week time frame can be considered for half credit for an additional 6-weeks.

Returns requests submitted due to manufacturer defect must be submitted within 30 days of receiving the product to be eligible for a full-refund or replacement.


If you ever need to return a product and are authorised to send the product back, please read the following conditions:

  • If an item is deemed not defective by one of our representatives, the customer will be contacted. The customer can then either pay return shipping to get the item back or go forward with the return with a 25% restocking fee attached.
  • If your product was received broken in transit we will send you replacement once we receive the damaged product.
  • If you received wrong product you have the option to purchase replacement merchandise 10% off, or ship the product back and we will reimburse you for shipping and get the right product back out.
  • You must include in shipment the whole product (case, charger etc.). Failure to include all items can result in delays.
  • There is a 25% restocking fee for the return of product you received but are unsatisfied with it, as opposed to faulty products.
  • If you don’t have the return request in the box it will be held up in the receiving department with no resolution. After 10 business days you will lose your product due to storage fees.

You may return most new, unopened up to 30 days after receiving the item for a refund. In this event, the non-defective items are subject to a restocking fee of 25%. Any item returned with a restocking fee does not warrant a refund for return shipping.

If an item is missing from an order, it must be reported within 7-days of the delivery date to be considered for replacement. Any items reported after this time risk rejection on a case by case basis, as some considerations may apply.

Delivery of Returns

The shipping address for authorised items is as follows:

143 Lumley St, UPPER MT GRAVATT QLD 4122

All items must be included in the package and return authorisation must be included. In the event of defect, return shipping will be refunded with the cost of the item. Any returns with expedited shipping will not be fully refunded.

If you ever need to return a product and are rejected, please read the following:

  • For orders more than 14 days from the time you received it the product, the return request will be denied
  • If it is liquid, your return request will be denied
  • Due to the nature of some products, we would not be able to return some items (mouthpieces, etc. because of hygienic reasons).

If questions about this order need answered, please email info (at) or call 1300 545 242. In addition to that, you may also send questions through ‘Contact’ page.