An Introduction

Hi, my name is Sam and I had been a smoker for 30 plus years. This is a sharing of my experience in quitting cigarettes, and being inspired to establish esmoko.

Smoking was an addiction I had tried so very hard to shake off. I tried everything from patches to pills, acupuncturists to hypnotists, all but failed. This is all despite my failing health and nagging doctors, children, wife & the likes. I was starting to build complications and as a result, I suffered a couple of strokes in late 2015 and recently in May 2016. Obviously, smoking thickens the blood, the doctors say and this resulted in clots in the brain.

It was a scary experience. My face was drooping on one side and I could not feel any sensations on the right part of my upper body. You could prick me with a big needle and I would still have a silly grin on my face. Worst of all, I drooled when I ate. The debilitation made me feel inferior, insecure and took away all my self-confidence. I was beginning to appreciate all those basic things in life that I had taken for granted all this while.

So, it was clear I needed to quit. I went on the patch, but it just made my heart beat faster and I would suddenly have these urges to listen to trance music. Cold turkey didn’t work at all. Made me grumpy and gave me the biggest headache, ever. So, I thought I would give this e-cigarette a go and completely cut out cigarettes. To my surprise, I had no withdrawal symptoms (you know what this is, if you are a smoker). Quitting became that easy, for me at least.

Its been 90 days and counting now, and I have not touched a single cigarette.

Yes, I had a stronger motivation to quit, i.e. my own well-being. I have a lot to live for. I see and realise that every time I look at the faces of my loved ones. But I do have to admit that e-cigarette aided me with my will to quit. In fact, I am so pleased with it that it inspired me to start up No guarantees but perhaps it will work for you too?